Pros and Cons of Alkaline Water: All You Need to Know

The water replenishes your cells, boosts circulation of blood and improves your levels of energy. It aids digestion by assisting your body to break down food items you consume.

It also makes it easier for the body to take in vital nutrients and minerals it requires.

Water is crucial for your survival , and not drinking enough can lead to dehydration, inability to concentrate diaphragm stones, digestion problems and much more. In reality, close to 50-60 percent the body’s made up of water.

Children have a greater proportion of bodily fluids that ranges from 70 to 78. Alkaline water, specifically is believed to be beneficial to some, however, it is expensive therefore knowing the pros and cons will aid you in making a wise decision.

It is interesting to note that dehydration isn’t common among those suffering from adrenal fatigue.

Alkaline water is said to help reduce acidity within your body and help prevent numerous chronic illnesses. It is also believed to possess anti-aging properties. It can increase energy levels, assist in losing weight, ease acid reflux symptoms and increase metabolism.

We address these and other signs of adrenal fatigue through our coaching program.

Some argue that it’s expensive, and there’s insufficient research to support some of these assertions. Are alkaline waters worth stretching your budget or is it just an unpopular trend?

Learning about alkaline water’s benefits and cons will help you make a decision about whether or not to integrate it into your daily routine.

There are a variety of pro and con of alkaline waters discussed, each of them backed by its own ardent supporters. Alkaline water, sometimes referred to as ionized water is becoming more well-known in recent time. It is made by adding minerals to the water that is filtered.

These minerals create the higher pH levels. Drinking alkaline waters could theoretically stop the minerals from leaching from your bones, which could cause different health issues.

Pros of Alkaline Water

Many theories suggest that alkaline waters can have health benefits. For example, drinking alkaline water can lower the body’s acidity. This type of water also contains a higher essential mineral amount. The presence of too much acid (or the low pH) has been suggested to as a cause of hormonal issues and cancer, metabolic disorders and reduction in bone density.

Certain researchers have observed that excessive acid can result in more harmful issues like rheumatoid arthritis or osteoporosis.

Some people believe drinking alkaline water can increase your hydration levels and the acid-base balance within your body. Alkaline water has been found to be linked to being more easily taken up by cells since the water molecules are placed more compact, which allows your body to eliminate the toxins. This can also help cleanse and hydrate your skin.

Other benefits of alkaline water include boosting your immune system and aiding in losing weight, which could help you avoid many health issues by itself. Coaching programs like ours have assisted many people to address their weight and immune system gain problems.

Cons of Drinking Alkaline Water

But, proponents of pure water claim that the benefits of alkaline water do not suffice to counter the disadvantages, and that drinking excessive amounts of alkaline can be dangerous for your wellbeing. If you suffer from an issue with your kidneys or are taking any medications that alter the kidney’s function in any way drinking alkaline waters could cause the minerals to build up within your body.

Drinking too much alkaline-rich water may also trigger metabolic alkalosis. It could also alter the body’s pH levels. Metabolic alkalosis can cause symptoms such as tingling sensations in your feet, face, and hands and hand tremors. It can also cause muscle twitching, confusion nausea or vomiting.

In other words, although drinking alkaline waters can provide energy or aid in reducing acid refluxsymptoms, this can cause fatigue and disrupting digestion. Consumption of excessive and long-term mineralized water or waters that are high in pH may cause a state dependence and. There are signs of withdrawal that can be felt.

Wasser: Water is the Building Block of Life

Water. In the absence of it, we can’t live. Water is an essential nutrition for every cell of your body. It is essential for the majority of organs in your body. It aids all your cells to grow to reproduce, survive, and grow.

The brain and your heart comprise 73% water, and the lungs contain around eighty percent water. Amazingly, even your bones are hydrated up to 31 percent. Your kidneys and muscles comprise a large portion of water, which is around 79 percent.

Water aids in converting food you consume into nutrients as part of digestion. Additionally, it assists in flushing out waste through urine. Water is able to dissolve many different substances, which is why it is essential in allowing your body’s to take up vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Additionally, water is vital for the brain’s production of hormones and neurotransmitters, and the absence of enough water could cause dehydration, imbalance of hormones, or even mood fluctuations.

It helps in the delivery of oxygen throughout your body, enhancing the quality of your breath and energy levels. Water is a great lubricant for joints, creates your saliva, maintains all your mucosal membranes dry and functional and regulates your body’s temperature via sweating and respiration and acts to act as an absorber to your brain and spinal cord.

While some beverages may help you stay hydrated however, they have other advantages and disadvantages for health. The majority aren’t as beneficial for your health as pure water. Unfortunately, over 75 million people in the globe don’t have access to safe drinking water which is a vital drink to survival. In the end, a lack of water intake can cause additional tension on your body and negatively impact the health of your adrenal glands. We assist you in dealing with this issue and other factors that contribute to the problem.

Considering Alkaline Water for AFS

In addition, staying well-hydrated is essential for all there are some who believe that alkaline water can help aid in the treatment of the severity of Adrenal Fatigue syndrome (AFS) by increasing mitochondria’s function and thereby the production of energy.

While drinking alkaline waters may be suggested by some individuals, you should be wary in your efforts to control AFS. People with AFS might be sensitive to their systems that react differently to other people. Always check with your physician if are considering changing your lifestyle.

AFS results from an excessive and prolonged stress which can be caused by physical, emotional or even psychological triggers. Although stress in it is in itself a normal process that helps protect you and prepare you for risk, excessive amounts of it can lead to ailments of the body.

If your body is constantly in stressed mode which is also known as “flight or fight” mode your adrenal glands tiny glands located on the top of your kidneys continue to release hormones to fight the tension in your bloodstream. As time passes your adrenal glands become stressed which means that the NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) stress response system gets damaged, leading to AFS. A lot of people experience a low energy and headaches, as well as unexplained hair loss or weight gain, loss of sexual desire sleepiness, insomnia, or hypothyroidism. Many of the people with our training program experienced the signs. A certified healthcare professional with expertise in adrenal fatigue will be able to determine the root of these problems and assist you to address them.

Affecting AFS indicates that the mitochondrial function is affected by adrenal hormone imbalance. The majority of people with AFS tend to have acidosis because mitochondrial inhibition plays an important part. A lack of adrenal hormones causes an increase in energy output of you Krebs cycle.

However there is evidence that alkaline water can, actually, decrease the amount of lactic acid that builds up and overall acidity in your bloodstream. This can greatly increase your energy production and enhance the health of mitochondria.

However, it’s important to be aware of alkaline water’s pros and cons prior to attempting it. In many cases, the high levels of minerals present in alkaline waters can cause excessive stimulation for people who suffer from adrenal fatigue that is advanced. It can provide an initial boost in energy however, in the end it could lead to a dependence for alkaline drinking water. In reality, if you’ve taken alkaline-based water regularly for a long time it is recommended to slowly reduce the amount of alkaline water you drink in case you suffer an abrupt crash.

Baking soda to aid in alkalinity

Although you might come across guidelines suggesting that you consume bicarbonate of soda (also called baking soda) as well as potassium-based broths it can result in excess potassium.

While bicarbonate soda may be effective in working miracles in reducing the amount of acidity in your bloodstream and the organs of your body but it also can result in the reverse issue that is known as alkalosis. Like acidosis, having excessive alkalinity in your body can affect the function of your enzymes as well as the immune system of your body, digestion, and even your health all in all.

Bicarbonate can alter your stomach’s pH, making it extremely acidic. The acid in your stomach is essential in helping digest and break down food items you consume into absorbable substances, including Ionized proteins and minerals. The stomach acid helps to eliminate bacteria and other pathogens that are not warranted and prevents them from flowing into your bloodstream.

Thus, although bicarbonate can be only used in small amounts, and slowly increased , can reduce acid and boost the efficiency of mitochondria however, excessive alkalization could cause digestive problems.

The best option to suit your needs

The the pros and cons of alkaline water might leave you in doubt, it comes back to deciding what is best for you personally. Different protocols work best for different individuals. Our coaching program can help you decide what’s best to your overall health.
It is possible to use bicarbonate in a gentle manner in conjunction with your medical professional and reduce the amount of acid within your body, and boost the energy level of your body.

Being in the advanced stage of AFS is a sign of a lower amount of hormones. This results in electrolyte imbalances as well as loss of sodium. A drop in blood pressure could result. If your body isn’t capable of taking in sodium, it could cause potassium to be retained. This could result in an overall loss of vital alkali minerals that you might replenish with purified pink salt, or drinking a glass of alkaline-rich water.

However, it’s important to be cautious of backfires and alkaline waters. There are pros and cons of AFS like a low energy levels or the possibility of serious digestive issues. It is important to take care not to over-alkalize , which could lead your body to other health issues, which is which is a major disadvantage of alkaline water. This is a major con, ignoring all of the advantages.

As a stand-alone thing eating a diet comprised of whole food items including fresh fruits and veggies as well as healthy oils and fats as well as whole grains that are healthy along with high-quality proteins and drinking enough water can assist in better managing your AFS. It will also naturally guide you towards biochemical balance. Many of the people on our nutrition program have noticed the health of their adrenal glands has increased since adopting the suggested dietary adjustments.

Balancing pH Levels within Your Body

If you were in high school chemistry decades ago , or college studies you might or may not know the pH levels. They’re the measurement of the alkalinity or acidity in any substance or solution that includes water.

The pH scale or hydrogen potential has a range that can range between zero and 14. If the pH of a liquid is value of 1 which is very acidic, it is considered to be extremely acidic. Likewise, liquids with a pH of 14 are highly alkaline.

The stomach of your body has a low pH level, believed at around 2 on the scale. Acids are extremely helpful in digesting food you consume. Pure lemon juice is estimated to have a pH range of 2 to three. You may have tasted its sour, acidic taste at times. Pure water is to the middle, and has an pH of seven.

Your blood isn’t too at all off, having the pH being around seven-point four, which makes it somewhat alkaline. Alkaline water is a scale of eight to nine. Some believe that it neutralizes the acidity in your body which can improve your overall health in a variety of ways.

It is essential that your body keeps a pH within the appropriate level, since even a slight fluctuation in the blood pH can cause serious health problems.

Numerous health experts believe that the body requires various substances and chemicals to keep the pH even. Certain, such as the advocates for alternative medicine of Budwig Center in Spain. Budwig Center located in Spain which aids patients to naturally fight cancer assert that the body needs to maintain a neutral pH of seven-point four in order for overall health.

The major benefit of alkaline water that weakens the disadvantages is that it decreases the acidity of the bloodstream. The excess acidity within your body may weaken of all the bodily systems. In addition, the excess acid could result in your body having to remove minerals from your teeth, organs or bones to reduce your acidity level. Acidosis, which is a high level of acid can cause a variety of conditions, including osteoporosis and anxiety and loss of bone as well as impaired immune function, diarrhoea, swelling, and rheumatoid joint arthritis..

Research suggests that the tumor’s microenvironment to have slightly higher levels acidity than normal tissues. Therefore, alkaline water can be a good way to prevent developing cancer. A healthy diet can aid in reducing your risk.

What are the Pros and Cons of Alkaline Water? and Cons add up to

In the end, the way you weigh the pros and cons will depend on your personal requirements and the circumstances. Your body is special and its requirements are different.

If you’ve experienced an excessive acid reflux, which keeps your awake all night, and you’ve found relief in alkaline water, it might be beneficial for you to keep drinking it. However you might find it just as a means of extending your budget for the month. AFS particularly can cause alkaline water to backfire, and in this case drinking sufficient amounts of pure water on an everyday basis can be enough to keep healthy.

There are many advantages of drinking alkaline water. Although certain types of alkaline water may provide enough motivation to you to grab an alkaline drink but they aren’t enough to cause you to alter your habits. Whichever decision you choose it is essential to consult with your physician prior to making a decision, in order to determine the right choice for your specific requirements.


The acidity levels of your body can affect your adrenal function and create numerous symptoms. Although the kind of water you consume can aid in reducing the symptoms some people experience great relief when they follow a proper diet. However, very few healthcare professionals are proficient in finding out the cause of adrenal fatigue and source of the issue. Therefore, they tend to focus on the symptoms instead of dealing with the root issue will be more effective.

Our coaching program helps we will help you identify the root of your health concerns. While recognizing that every person is unique and unique, we assist you in establishing the right program to you in particular. While diet plays a crucial role, you should be aware that there are alternatives to solving the issue. Our goal is to help you with these options and assist you in your recovery journey.

As it has higher pH level, much alkaline water may be not good for health. Just be sure to consume it moderately.

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