How to Unclog PUR Water Filter: 3 Simple Ways

The PUR filters for water are created to get rid of harmful contaminants from water. The claim that it removes the water comes because it removes more than 70 harmful substances from the water to make it safe to drink. It is constructed so that it allows only the beneficial elements that are present in water circulate and eliminates harmful substances.

Their modern technology makes it easier for users to understand and maintain filters. They will let users know that it’s the time to replace the filter. The water filter PUR can work up to 300 gallons which means you can use it for as long as three months.

For a healthy and pure water, experts recommend to change the filter every 40 days of usage however, it comes with various filters that differ in size and appearance. PUR creates filters for a range of customers based on their requirements.

Why Choose PUR Water Filters?

In addition to its health benefits, PUR is also cost-effective. According to studies, PUR filter can save you up to 1000 dollars contrasted to tap water that is bottled using a water filtration system. It requires the equivalent of 145 bottles of water from PUR to provide the same value of a single bottle of water. PUR continues to be a leader in keeping its prices in line with the budget of its customers.

What is the Process behind PUR Water Filters Function?

The PUR water filter is split into three distinct sections. The three sections are according to:

Crude Sediment Filter

It actually filters the water, taking out larger particles that are present in the water.

Carbon Filter

It is made up of carbon granules as well as tiny Styrofoam balls. As water flows through this section of the filter dirt and bacteria are destroyed with carbon. Styrofoam balls do not aid in purifying the water.

Pleated Style Accordion Filter

By filtering out small-sized particles. The outer layer in this area is referred as porous. However, the pleated surface is dotted with tiny holes it. This is where the Styrofoam balls become stuck as the water runs through the second section to the third section.

How Do I Unclog the Water Filter?

Similar to brita filter, PUR water filters can be slow because of blockages in the air or high levels of sediment, hot water, inadequate installations, or overuse. If you see water bubbles trapped, that’s a sign that your filter may be clogged. These can cause serious issues which is why if you notice that your water is slowing; it is necessary to clean your filter.

If you now know what is the PUR water filter does the following guidelines can assist you in solving the issue.

Step One

The filter should be shaken. This helps dirt and debris be able to move into the third part of the filter. It is the carbon filter, which is comprised of carbon granules and tiny Styrofoam balls .water circulation throughout the system will be made easier without carrying dirt particles.

Step Two

Once you’ve completed the first step, you can remove the filter, put the pleated portion under the faucet and wash the filter with water. Be sure that the water flows through all the tiny spaces or segments could reveal the lining that is located at the bottom on the bottom of your filter.

Step Three

After washing the plates with water, put them back together. of filter. Then, run some of the water into the openings to the filter and let it run for five to eight minutes in a row. Make sure to do this prior to beginning drinking from it. This will ensure you have clean drinking water which is safe, and your health is not affected.

Step Four

After you have completed the third step, let it air dry prior to place it back into your pitcher or dispenser. Clean your pitchers with dishwashing soap, too. Make sure the soap you use is gentle. Then relax and look at your family drinking from a healthy source and observe them healthy and healthy. It is also possible to review the comprehensive troubleshooting manual for PUR water filters.

Variants of PUR Water Filter

PUR has a variety of filters that can meet the desired result or requirements. There are four different options based on the size and style. Below are the kinds of PUR faucet filters that PUR provides.

Classic and PUR Basic Facet Filter

This version is capable of filtering up to 100 gallons worth of water and lasts up to three years. It is made from polymer and weights 0.55 pounds.

PUR Faucet Filter – MineralClear

This variation, which is also composed of plastic, has a shelf life of three months. Ion exchange and activated carbon make heavy metals, such as lead and other contaminants. It is also a unique mineral clear that gives fresh flavor.

PUR Basic Pitcher for Filtering

This filter pitcher is a basic model. Its capacity can reach 40 gallons. It also has a shorter life than the one before it which was 60 days. The weight is 0.2 pounds which is smaller than the previous two. It eliminates mercury from 95 % of the water and also decreases the level of chlorine.

PUR Filter Faster Pitcher

It can boast of the length & capacity that are identical to those of a standard filter pitcher. It is equipped with larger holes so that can be prevented from soaking. The water flows through the materials to get rid of contaminants (for example, fluoride). It also traps smaller particles to provide great tasting clean water.


How Can I Tell My PUR Water Filter System is Blocked?

If the fresh water in the fixtures around your home has been dropping consistently and you suspect that it is an obstruction in the filter completely and must be replaced. The drop could also be from other causes, such as massive leaks.

What is the Reason my PUR Filter Not Flowing and Draining Well?

If the pur faucet filter you have is slow draining or is not completely draining, it could mean that dirt is in the filter that is blocked by it and, consequently, isn’t working effectively.


Thus, now you know how to unclog pur water filter. From the information provided above on PUR filtering water, we can conclude that it is the first choice for buyers. With a wide range of styles and sizes, PUR has the most effective filters available. In addition, the value-for-money makes it more distinctive and affordable.

Air bubbles can be an indicator of slow filtration. To unclog the filter, you need to take away the filter housing along with the cartridge, clean everything thoroughly with cold water.

In order to ensure safety and keep the health of users PUR should be the primary requirement of each family. Make sure to change the filter at the prescribed time in order to maintain the health of your family members and dear ones who have PUR.

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