Holmes Air Purifier Reviews: Best 6 Offers That You’ll Love

For those who suffer from allergies the presence of an air purifier within the home is among the most important items for those suffering from allergies. Air purifiers are able to capture dirt and pollen in addition to other airborne pollutants that can cause allergies to people. 

In contrast it is essential to ensure that your home is free of odors from the kitchen and bacteria, dust, and pet fur are the primary reasons behind for people to purchase air purifiers today. 

However, if you’re not averse to researching and read reviews such as those in the Holmes review of the Holmes air purifier listed below it is possible that you will get a fake or useless product in the end.

There are a variety of ways that people are swindled by manufacturers of air purifiers, and falling into the trap of dependent on their costly HEPA filters is the most obvious. A few air purifiers fail to meet the expectations of durability you might have imagined since they’re usually inexpensive and low-quality. Take a look at the air purifier reviews, to find out whether there’s one among the ones that you like.

Holmes HAP8650B-U Air Purifier

One of the most popular Holmes air purifiers that can be used in large rooms This air purifier has been the subject of debate because of the many good reasons. It looks great and incorporates the power of air purification of the HEPA filter with carbon filter. It also has digital controls and the ease of operation, read on and find out if this is the device you’ve been looking for.

Design and Construction

  • Formally rectangular Elegant, sleek, and decorated with a black hue that makes it stunning no matter what the decor of your home. It weighs just under 20 pounds, but is small enough to go under tables or even on the top of your lockers. However, considering the stunning appearance it is one that you should put in a place where that everyone will be able to see. It is made of a tough plastic material that is covered by a three-year warranty to ensure durability.


  • Make use of a high-quality HEPA filter to reach efficiency levels of around 99.97 percent. It has a CADR rating of over 200 to remove dust, smoke, and pollen particularly if it is it is placed in rooms with less than 350 square. feet. The unit comes with four speeds, which provide an extremely quiet, but effective operation.

Quiet Operation

  • The air purifier is fairly silent even at the maximum speed setting.

Holmes HAP242B-U Air Purifier

Most likely to be one of the best Holmes air purifiers suitable for big rooms This air purifier has been the issue of discussion due to many good reasons. First of all, it looks great and has the air purifying power of the HEPA filter with carbon filter. With its electronic control capabilities and simplicity of operation, read below to see whether this is the kind that you’ve been looking for.

Design and Construction

  • Formally rectangular elegant, stylish, and decorated with a black hue that makes it stunning no matter what the interior of your home. It weighs under 20 pounds and is small enough to go under tables or even on top of lockers. But considering the stunning appearance it is one that you must place in a spot where everybody can see it. It is made of an extremely durable plastic and is covered by a three-year warranty to ensure durability.


  • Make use of a high-quality HEPA filter to achieve the efficiency of 99.97 percent. The unit has a high CADR rating that is above 200 to eliminate dirt, smoke and pollen particularly if it is installed in rooms that are not larger than 350 square. feet. It comes with four different speed settingsthat provide the quietest but most efficient operation.

Quiet Operation

  • The air purifier runs relatively quiet even in the most high speed setting.

Holmes HAP242B-U Air Purifier

Ideal for smaller spaces for bathrooms with small spaces The quiet HAP242B-U is also light and simple to set up. Additionally, the inclusion of the HEPA filter that cleans air with an efficiency of 99% is what makes the device affordable and highly appreciated by a lot of users. Also, this is an ideal device for when you’re on a tight budget, but are looking to have a more efficient device.

Design and Construction

  • It has a desk design that can be placed vertically or horizontally. It’s also fashionable and is able to easily improve the appearance of any space.
  • It weighs less than 6 pounds, which makes to move it easily all over the house. Its small size provides convenience because it doesn’t occupy a large portion of countertop space.


  • It is usually rated highly in terms of providing excellent air quality in rooms of at 109 square. ft. or less. This is due to the usage of the HEPA filter that can achieve an efficiency of 99.99 percent. It can take in particles smaller than 2 microns. It also is equipped with an CADR ratings of 70%.
  • The fan is operated with three speed settings, meaning you can alter it to provide greater or lesser purification. The ability to select different speeds for the fan is beneficial in the event that you need the purifier to run less sluggishly at night.
  • With the maximum fan speed the air purifier can get rid of the most kinds of air pollutants. It also comes with an optional ionizerthat can be used to eliminate large particles and smoke. But, you are able to utilize the air purifier without Ionization.

Holmes HAP706-U Air Purifier

The Holmes HAP706-U is specifically designed to get rid of allergies and air pollution, the Holmes HAP706-U makes use of the top HEPA filtering technology and carbon filters with more strength and capacity.

The HEPA air purifier is a top performer that combines the advantages of a real HEPA filter and carbon filter for effective the removal of odors. Check out the following article for a full review.

Design and Construction

  • This air purifier has been designed to save space. It is designed as a tower and measures 11.4 by 8.2 15.6 15.6 inches in dimensions. This means it occupies a minimal flooring space and features an ideal height, making it simple to reach the controls.
  • Its design is ideal to look at, and its ability to be portable lets you easily move it from room to room within your home. It weighs in at around 8 pounds, which means that most people can quickly pick it up and transfer it to a new area.

Air Purification Efficiency

  • The system is a combination of the capabilities of a HEPA with a charged ionizer and a carbon-based filter. This results in a system that offers the most effective quality of air you can expect to get. The real HEPA is extremely efficient in getting rid of pollen, dust, and bacteria . Moreover, the ionizer makes the air you breathe even more efficient. But, the ionizer is an option. The HEPA filter is capable of removing up to 99.97 percent of airborne contaminants including the majority of allergens. The CADR rating is 55.


  • The Holmes air purifier is made to operate quietly. It has a low-vibration motor as well as an advanced blade design that reduces the sound produced by the device. The top of three speeds offered is very noisy. However, the slowest speed is the best for sleeping because it operates without disturbing your sleep.

Holmes HAP-242-NUC Air Purifier

holmes air purifier reviewsWith its tiny dimensions and desktop-like appearance it’s easy to undervalue the capabilities of HAP 242. It is, however, given the fact that it comes with CADR scores of over 70 to eliminate pollen, odors, and dirt, there’s no doubt that it is one of the most effective air purifiers designed for smaller rooms. It comes with an HEPA filter to provide effective cleaning, and 3 speeds of fan for comfort and its price is ideal for those on a tight budget. What’s not to love about that? Check out its major features below.


  • It has a shape that resembles a desktop but is smaller. Thanks to the sleek dual design, it is possible to place the air purifier horizontally or vertically and still accomplish a decent job within your home. It’s mostly made of plastic, however it comes with a 3 year warranty to give the assurance that it will last. It has a three-speed motor to provide greater convenience


  • With the help of a HEPA sort of filter this device is able to get rid of 99.97 percent of pollen dirt, bacteria molecules, dirt as well as pet hair, and other airborne contaminants, including microns of size 0.3. The device comes with a specially designed filter that’s effectiveness in eliminating odor is equal or greater than baking soda.
  • The use of ionizers can improve the efficiency of air cleaning of this gadget by a huge amount. Ionizers work by binding onto positively charged pollen and dirt particles. They create a heavy weight and fall on surfaces in the home. If there is a good circulation of air then the particles are then pulled to the air purifier, and are absorbed through the filter.

Quiet Operation

  • With three fan speed settings it is possible to set the device to be silent and slow, or speedy noisy. However, the moderate fan speed setting is the most suitable setting since it provides high-quality air purification while maintaining the lowest noise level.

Holmes HAP600-U Air Purifier

holmes hap600-u air purifierThe egg-shaped air purifier is another low-cost device that has earned many praises and favorable ratings in numerous reviews. It’s light, attractive, and effective for bathrooms and small spaces. Its attractive design is appealing and could improve the appearance of your space quickly. But, the performance capabilities and the quiet operating are likely to make this device a cult item on the marketplace today. Find out more in the review.

Design and Construction

  • It’s oval-shaped, however it is designed to look elegant with a modern panel that is adorned with blue lights and an black stand. It’s durable and easy to set up almost anywhere within your home; therefore making it a practical device.
  • It has a powerful blade with three speed settings for your convenience. It also the blade is heavily reliant on the HEPA kind of filter.


  • The HAP600-U is built to run at a low volume while it removes the pollen, dirt, and odorous molecules that are in your home with the highest efficiency. The inclusion of an HEPA filter makes the device impressive. Most users who have reviewed the Holmes HAP600 model have been able to trust it when located in a small or medium space.

Simple to Install and Maintain

  • The device has a continuous filtration mechanism to make maintenance easier. Includes a filter replacement alarm feature and the ability to add ionization features for more effectiveness.

Holmes Air Purifier Benefits

  • They provide excellent value-for-money. Given that the majority of them are not expensive, but they use the top filters, you’ll get more from your investment in the final.
  • Certain Holmes air purifiers incorporate both real HEPA filters as well as ionizers to create extremely efficient air purification inside the home.
  • They have great looks. There isn’t any unattractive air purifier in Holmes models. Holmes models. In fact, the majority of the models discussed above can be put anywhere in the living rooms with confidence due to their attractive appearance.
  • They’re lightweight and easy to maintain. Holmes Air purifiers can be simple to connect in any area of your home, and they require little maintenance.

The Comparative Holmes Air Purifiers with Other Top Brands

Holmes products perform very well in the affordable/cheap category. They can be used with the least price. It’s not necessarily a bad thing in the case of a tight budget or you’re planning to move in the near future. However, that’s how it is.

Below is the method you can select the right Holmes cleaner for your air:

If you don’t suffer from any major breathing issues (asthma or allergies or allergies, etc.) however you want to purify the air, then Holmes air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters can do the trick.

To ensure better air quality at a low cost go for Holmes with True HEPA. Holmes equipped with True HEPA.

Conclusion on Holmes Air Purifier Reviews

With these Holmes air purifier reviews, at hand, you’ll be able to make the right choice.

These reviews demonstrate that air purifiers and true HEPA filters have been the most popular at retail for the last 10 years and they’ve often earned favorable reviews and high marks. 

Their easy maintenance, high clean air delivery rate, HEPA filtration system, and affordable price have made them a favorite but they are not as well-known as their efficacy in eliminating odors and other air pollutants, like pollen, dirt and dust. 

However, these Holmes air purifiers are worth a look for those who require an effective and reliable air purifier in a small size room, such as the kitchen or children’s bedroom.

Is any optional ionizer good? No. Instead, I recommend also Honeywell air purifiers and replacement filters from HEPA.

If you are serious about maintaining fresh air at home, you can choose a tower air purifier or true hepa filter or any other HEPA type filter ionizer on this list above.

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