Bissell Air 320 Reviews and Guide

BISSELL air purifier 320 belongs to the BISSELL family of premium air purifiers for lifestyle which combine function and form to provide Simply Clean Air.

The air320 air purifier has been made with sleek lines and smooth edges. It also has modern legs, a subtle cord wrap and fabric filter that can be incorporated in with the style of nearly every house. It is an efficient machine that you’d expect from BISSELLthe most trusted name for home care.

The fabric pre-filter at one side of this air purifier forms part of the three-stage filtering process. The system of filtration includes the HEPA filter to remove dust, hair and pet dander. It also captures pollen and smoke from cooking and wildfires as well as an activated carbon filter that can take home odors, VOCs, pet odors and other common household odors.

The air320 air purifier BISSELL is controlled with an easy-to-use dial that permits users to control the fan’s speed. It also cleanses air within the 366 square. feet. space which makes it ideal for living spaces, bedrooms as well as basements and dining rooms.

You’ve relied on BISSELL air320’s purifier to cleanse and maintain the floors and surfaces of your home. Now, let us clean your air!

Additionally every purchase helps pet rescue! BISSELL air320 is an air purifier that is proudly supporting BISSELL Pet Foundation(r) and its mission to save homeless animals. When you purchase the BISSELL product, you’re helping in the rescue of pets, too.

Here are some of the main features of the Bissell air320 air purifier.

  • Every purchase helps Pets(tm). BISSELL is proud to support the BISSELL Pet Foundation(r) and its mission to save homeless animals
  • AHAM Verified. Tested in accordance with the AHAM Standard for the Smoke CADR at 236. The unit filters air in the 366 square. feet. space 4.8 often per hour or approximately every 12 minutes. This makes it perfect for basements, kitchens, bedrooms, offices and living rooms.
  • Big Space Air Purification. Filters 590 square. feet. that can be cleaned with 3 air exchanges every hour. It filters 885 square. feet. and two changes of air every hour. Filters 170 square. feet. with one change of air per hour
  • 3-Stage Filtration to Simply Clean Air(tm). It includes a fabric pre-filter and activated carbon filter as well as an H13 filter that can filter out fine and large particles and odors from the home, from pets and VOCs
  • Health-grade HEPA Filter. Filters out 99.97 percent of dust particles 0.3 microns or less when at the lowest speed of fan and helps to eliminate the airborne allergens, irritants and allergens such as pet dander, dust smoke and pollen such as those from cooking, wildfires and smoking
  • Commercial-Grade Performance. Digital DC motor that is brushless and a massive XL fan draws air through an air purifier’s front as well as three filters, before exchanging clean air through the top vent
  • Automatic CirQulate(r) Systems. The PM 2.5 particle sensor measures particles and gives color-coded, reads of indoor air quality. It adjusts according to the correct speed of the fan to ensure uninterrupted clean air.
  • Library Silent Performance. It comes with five speeds of fan with the lowest speed is as quiet as the library
  • Simple Maintenance of Filters. The indicator for changing filters will notify you when it’s time to replace new filters. Filters should be replaced once every 6 months. Only utilize authentic BISSELL(r) replacement filters to ensure optimal performance.

What Are People Saying about Bissell Air 320?

I am really impressed by this purifier for air. It’s visually appealing. It’s not overly large or small. The air purifier performs efficiently. I was pleasantly surprised to see it working better due to the fact that I had received a pizza. I have a large dog as well as a boyfriend that is sensitive to his. This purifier is helpful in controlling the allergens that are flying around my home. The only issue I have with the air filter is that it is a thought-process that is its own. I can adjust appropriate fan speed and that’s awesome!

It’s a great device! It’s quiet at low speeds or at high speeds, loud enough that it drowns out moe-rawns from their Harleys who believe that the 7am hour on Sundays is the ideal time to ride along the Coast Highway, rattling windows and setting off car alarms and frightening horses. There’s an episode of South Park episode about this, IIRC. The thing is, it’s great however, it is absolutely stunning dahling, reminiscent of the classic floor-standing stereo cabinet.

My husband and me recently purchased our first house And with it comes the joy of buying a new home comes a lengthy list of items to purchase to create with items that will make the home ours. I am a frequent sufferer of allergies and when we moved, we were surrounded by pollen and dust. My husband convinced me that I should get an air purifier. After we bought a less expensive brand and quickly realized that it wasn’t doing anything to alleviate my allergy issues.

I bought the air purifier I needed for my 125 years old ductless house with two puppies. If you’ve got an older home , you’re aware of how tiring the process of cleaning can be! If you own several dogs, you’re aware of how smelly it gets especially in a house without air conditioning. I considered Bissell air320 air purifier as it was stylish and could handle my issues with dust and odor. I’ve owned it for approximately 3 weeks and it’s performing well.

We love the design and the operation appears to be working fine so far. The only thing I would like to address is that it’s quite loud at the lowest setting. I think the fan might not be balance properly. Maybe I should swap it prior to making this review. However, overall this purifier appears to be able to complete the task well and efficiently. If I had to alter one thing, I’d like to see the sensor stop.

I purchased two of them for my home, one for the living room/dining roomor kitchen area. Another one for my bathroom/bedroom. My cat and I share a bathroom. as well as one dog. I have also purchased air purifiers. They work great I set them to a 3 mph when I’m away from the my home or out of the room. However, I do use it on two occasions while watching TV or lying down. I love that the quality of the room is measured, and on days I can open the windows to enjoy the perfect breeze, it’s amazing.

It’s true! I’m located within the PNW and allergies in the spring are a nightmare, and I have a small pet. I’ve noticed a noticeable change in the air quality in my house. The Bissell air 320 air purifier purifier is in my open-plan living/dining room. It was one of the most enjoyable purchases this year for my family and me. Note that the fan will kick into the highest setting in the event that smoke or clear contaminants get into the system. It can be quite loud, however only for a brief moment.

This is an incredible air purifier. I couldn’t be happier. Bissell air320 air purifier was easy to set up and instructions were easy to follow. The machine is extremely silent. It did not interfere with our sleep as we are both not heavy sleepers. Easy to use and comprehend. The design of Bissell air320 air purifier is quite cool, too. It’s great for our bedroom as well as in the living room. It’s not bulky or bulky and is able to be moved effortlessly from room to. I highly suggest this item to those with allergies.

I’ve been using the Bissell air320 air purifier for two weeks since. I’ve noticed that it’s excellent in terms of purifying my air. It was immediately apparent the amount of dust that was being deposited in my home. The first thing I noticed after a few weeks is I have noticed that my allergic reactions are improving. My nose isn’t as plugged up than it was previously. I have found that the unit is very quiet. I have it running with the Automatic cycle but it has never produced enough noise to make it noticeable to me.

It’s gorgeous and looks amazing at cleaning the space. I love a lot about it, however the description that it’s “whisper quiet” is… not entirely precise. This is true even at its lowest settings, but if you turn it to auto and begin cooking on the stove It will take only about a minute before it notices the shift within the atmosphere and turns into high gear to make it incredibly loud*. Absolutely love the other aspects of it. This is one of the premium lifestyle air purifiers. I like soft touch dial. Fan speed can be adjusted as you want.

After the devastating fires that ravaged the Oregon Cascades, I had to find a better solution than a fan box with the two MERV8 filters to ensure the quality of our air in our house. This fan is amazing and large enough to take care of our tiny great Room or kitchen (500plus square feet). The speed of the fan automatically adapts according to the amount of particles thanks to an inbuilt PM2.5 sensor. Its measurement is also visible on the top. It’s light, and looks like a vintage speaker cabinet, and it’s not too obvious.

There is front panel filter access. Another cool thing about this air cleaner is that it has a washable fabric pre filter. It can boast of integrated and functional design. I totally love an automated night mode and indoor air quality readings.

A discreet cord wrap Bissell air purifier makes it a high efficiency filter.

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